Mobile Application Solutions

  • Reduction of administrative burden
  • Increase image of your company through the use of "State of the art" communication
  • Scalable & customizable
  • Improve internal communication

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Business processes –solved mobile

Fast and comprehensible communication is a core process in any company. With our App-based solution you face this challenge in a modern way and optimize your business processes.

An App produces on different levels of a company additional value. Cost reduction by Substitution of paper-based processes, increased security through complete, digital documentation of processes or integration of your intranet as a central information channel are examples for the benefits of a company App designed for business processes. EWEX-MAS simplifies your workflow in core areas and optimizes your business processes.


Last Minute Risk Analysis

Operate the Last Minute Risk Analysis easy, direct and completely digital with an App. Integrate your employees more intensive into your Health and safety processes and motivate them to be active Health advisor. Reduce your risk for liability by using digital tools to document your processes. Create more acceptances for your Health and Safety Program and last but not least reduce time of processing the LMRA and save costs.

Identification & Authentification

Complete allocation of employees activities. With an App-based Identification- and Authentification process is a complete verifiability of employee data secured in an easy and digital way. The benefit for your company is obvious. You can assign activities and authentifications to your employees and prove them.

QR Code Scanner

Inform, identify and locate. In a lot of workflows QR Codes are used right now. The integrated QR Code Scanner simplifies the work with Quick Response Codes and allows an easy integration into workflows.

Video- & Audiochannel

Multimedia-based information for your employees. Provide Briefings, How-To´s and Best Practices with a video or audio. An up to date and always available solution to inform your employees.

Virtual bulletin board

direct exchange of information between your employees. Not every employee works continuous in your facilities. In fact of this, he is not able to get the information on your physical bulletin board. A virtual bulletin board creates benefit for all of your employees.


Integration of Intranet and other web-based services. Using the HTML5 Standard we are able to integrate already implemented and digitized business processes on an easy way.

Week and shift schedule

Plan and organize work. The schedule gives you the opportunity to organize working time of your employees and simplifies the handling of shift systems. It is easy to inform about changes between shifts and search for an alternative in case of illness.

Accident Message

In case of an accident you can communicate this easy and fast with the integrated form.


Your business processes solved mobile. Connection of external databases. Integration of individual solutions for business processes und more is possible with customized, native add-ons. Do you have a task that should be useable mobile? Don´t hesitate to contact us!

Mobile Application Solutions

We offer a standardized solution which will be customized according to your company needs. Our service is based on the interaction between an APP, installed on your employee´s smartphone, and a content management system.

While designing our Mobile Application Solution and developing the functions required by the customer we apply the KISS principle “Keep It Strictly Simple” to ensure a high level of usability.

Functions like LMRA, user authentication or mobile intranet are already included.


Screenshots of EWEX-MAS app and EWEX-MAS content management system.